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Assalamualaikum and good evening to our dear friends and customers,

Today, we received an email with questions that perhaps also wondered by our other clients and customers too. We would like to share the FAQ with you. Hope it will helps!

1. Is the stock displayed on the website real time updated?
Answer: Yes the website is updated 24 hours/day. If we somehow miss to check the stock due to unavoidable reasons, we will contact our customer before ship.

2. Is the yarn price the same if bought direct from your shop (walk-in)?
Answer: We have slight differences between online price and walk-in-store however, we are doing our best to give best price for both customers.

3. Or do you have any branch in Peninsular?
Answer: At the moment, we do not yet have branch in Peninsular, but we are aiming to have one in the future. Insya Allah.

4. Are you the main distributor of Nako yarns? Or can I find Nako yarns elsewhere? I like Hosgeldin over Luks Minnos, hope to see more colors variety for Hosgeldin in your shop 🙂
Answer: We are likely to be the biggest supplier of Nako in Malaysia. We have been talking with Nako company by meeting them face to face about our sales and they are happy to cooperate with us and make us their retailer in Malaysia. Therefore, our customers can shop with confident with Da’Knit. We strive for the best to ensure that we provide 100% quality and customer satisfaction guarantee. Regarding Nako Hosgeldin, Unfortunately, Nako Hosgeldin was out of stock in the main factory, however, in the next restock, we will put them in our first list as Hosgeldin is loveable by many of our customers. Insya Allah.

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