Nako Saten/Nako Ninni Bebe/Nako Vals@ONLY at Da'Knit ENT

1606335_10201698878817462_1094448447_oOh I love this picture so much! How it makes feel so tempted to go shopping my own yarns Thank you for sharing/tagging this picture yesterday. We are glad and happy to see such lovely photo from our lovely customer. We”ll be doing our best to make you “happy” yarn-ning! ^0^
Da’Knit ENT
Nako Saten/Nako Ninnie Bebe/Nako Vals, available for purchase online at:
FLAT RATE shipping via POS LAJU for only RM8.90! (t&c apply)
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  1. i live in Canada looking for a particular color parti No : 71275 Rent No : 184 I cant find this yarn here. I love nako saten I am just wondering how can i find this yarn in United Stated or in Canada..

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