NAKO: Luks Minnos Lovely Baby

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Now Nako Baby Luks Minnos Lovely Baby is available for purchase.
Very soft to skin, comfortable for babies. Suitable for any kind of porjects.

Mixture (Materials) : 50% Polyamide, 50% Acrylic
Yarn Length : 100.00 g
Label Weight : 300.00 m
Related Needle Sizes : 4, 4.5
Related Crochet Sizes : 2.5
Season : Autumn, Winter, Spring
Possible projects :
Stitch Info : 10×10 cm measure, 28 rows 22 Stitches
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Benang Kait Nako Baby Luks Minnos – So soft yarns..

Nako Baby Luks Minnos: Baby Yarns@Daknit.Com

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Nako Baby: Luks Minnos 3664 (Light Yellow)
Product details:
Mixture (Materials) : 50% Polyamide, 50% Premium Acrylic
Yarn Length : 336.00 m
Label Weight : 100 g
Related Needle Sizes : 3.5
Related Crochet Sizes : 4
Season : Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Possible projects : Cardigan, pullover, home textile, scarf, hat, blanket, woolen shoe for a baby etc.

Baby Yarns!

Soft Baby Yarns.. suitable for crochet and knitting… πŸ™‚

They are 6 colours to choose. I love all the colours.. πŸ™‚ will be making hat again from this yarn. To make a hat for 0-6 months, 12-24 months, 1 and half balls are enough. Try it! You will love it πŸ™‚


1. To buy in a bulk you can check them out at :

2. To buy in small quantities you can check them out at:

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But Alhamdulillah.. I still remember things I’ve told from the previous post and had to write again.

Ups! Not to forget.. we also have variety of yarns in Please visit us ya!

Demet Wool, boleh kait apa sahaja πŸ˜€ yang ni nak kait topi lagi! Socks pun boleh! baju pun ok. You can find these yarns at

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May Allah swt bless us all.

Pom Pom Hat :)

Alhamdulillah.. Finally I’m done with my Pom Pom Hat πŸ™‚

Topi ni di-knit dgn menggunakan benang baby. Texturenya soft, fluffy and really feel good to touch πŸ™‚

Baki benang saya cuba pula kait menggunakan hook 5.00mm.. boleh buat bunga xD

This hat is for a baby of 1-2 years old, which, it has NO OWNER yet πŸ˜‰

If anyone interested with this hat, please contact me at ya!

I am selling this hat to anyone who is interested. Only 1 available.

Price: RM30.00 inclusive postage SOLD

Thank you for hopping by!

May Allah swt bless us all.


Tonight I'm Knitting :)

My Tonight Project πŸ™‚

My first attempt to knit with using baby yarn

Fuwa fuwa!

My Recipe:

1 ADDi circular needles 4.00mm xΒ  40cm

1 skein of Baby Soft Yarn

Texture: Soft and fluffy!

Skill: Easy.. just knit and purl!

Needles suggestion for yarns: Knitting & Crochet (3.00-4.00mm)

Stay Tune!

May Allah swt bless us all.

Benang Baby.. ?

Assalamualaikum semua.. alhamdulillah hari ini.. saya berkesempatan lagi untuk membuat entri…kali ini saya nak kongsi tentang benang… Saya suka lihat benang-benang kait dan saya sangat suka kalau dapat berkongsi minat yang sama dengan teman knitters/crocheters yang juga suka pada benang-benang kait hihi..Β  πŸ™‚

Speaking of which, saya terjumpa benang-benang kait baby yang cantik-cantik warnanya.. dan yang best tu, benang-benang ini dijual secara pack.. dimana satu pack ada 20 buku benang ( satu colour ) sesuai untuk crochet ataupun knitting.

Baby Blue..

Baby Green

Baby Lavendar

Baby Plum

Baby White

Baby Yellow

They look so beautiful… geram sangat tengok!

Details Benang:

Retail Price: $70.00 USD (tidak termasuk kos penghantaran)

SALE save 43% : $39.99 USD (tidak termasuk kos penghantaran)

  • Fiber Content: 100% Pure New Wool
  • Knitting Weight: Fingering
  • Weight: 25 Gram balls / 500 Gram bag
  • Yards: 81 yard balls / 1620 Yard bag
  • Needles: 2-3 US
  • Care: Gentle machine wash, normal spin dry, do not tumble, no bleach, dry flat in shade, dry cleanable

Kalau ada sesiapa yang berminat untuk mendapatkan benang ini.. ataupun pertanyaan lanjut.. boleh hubungi kami di! πŸ™‚ Small fees applied~~

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May Allah bless us all