Sweet Baby Set :)

About 2 weeks ago, I received a request from a new customer for a baby set. She needs it by 7th September, which means, I only have about 1 week to complete the mission. Oh for sure, jobs won’t prevent me to continue enjoying my hobby. So, I accept with full of confidence that I can finish it before 7th.

She gave me a sample, it looks quite simple. Oh well, my fingers never listen to its owner! Again, heavy modification is applied >_<

The set includes a baby dress, a set of booties and mittens and a headband. So, after payment is received, I quickly grab my needles and start knitting (oh by the way, i was making a small experiment to my coming new pattern and have to put it aside)

Baby SetFinally, I finished making the set exactly on the date I promised her, where I will post her items on 4th September. Alhamdulillah. I am very happy cause i really love making it! I hope she and her baby girl will love it too 🙂

So now… I need to continue working with my next new pattern design. Work is work. Hobby is hobby 😉 Till next time!

eerAssalamualaikum. May Allah swt bless us all.


Benang Kait: New Baby Yarns.. Baby Star!

This is another self-stripping yarn. The difference of this type is it has both self-pattern and spots between the stripes.


4 balls per packet/lot and with many colours to choose:

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Cost per packet/lot :    RM32.00/400 gr.
Category :    Home » Baby Yarns » Baby Star
Color :    Turquoise, White, Orange, Green
Weight :    100 gr. each skein. 400 gr. Each package
Length :    300 m. each skein. 1200 m. Each package
Fiber Content :     100% Acrylic
Needle Size :     4 mm / US 6

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