NEW PROJECT: Granny Square Tote + PATTERNS


Hello everyone! Alhamdulillah, today is the first day of Hari Raya! It is very sad to leave Ramadhan behind but insya Allah, may Allah let us meet again next year and the following years, insya Allah.

Here, I am in a progress of making a granny square tote bag. Thanks to one of our member in MKCC, I finally get to understand how to combine the granny squares into a bag! So, i wanted to save a record for this and hopefully it will be useful for you too.

tassen-van-granny-squares.1366399135-van-klasien.faberWell, here are some granny square patterns you can use for this project! 🙂 Awesome!!

3b5c346d39c8da98d6d90fefe8e3724d african_flower_granny_cuadrado_esquema granny-square-stitch-chart granny-square-symbol miteredgrannydiagram 9ff3f66053f1fcb4ac3ffdbafa0d0681 9172503982de4b939e37fcfcf4609347 granny square stitch diagramAnd here is my progress 🙂 I’ll be making 10 squares and let’s see how it goes <3


10478528_292941360888354_3989020305018432730_nHave fun making!

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