Tips: SSK vs K2tog?

When I’ve come across to pattern that need ssk or k2tog, it always makes me wonder and think why not just keep working with only k2tog or only ssk since both are same decreasing  method where you need to knit two loops at once.  As my curiosity keeps flowing inside me, I couldn’t help to search and look from Mr.Google. Thanks to Mr.Google, I found a nice post for this. Its just not me who has the same thought but also some other knitters too hehe.. i am not alone 😛  Then i started to learn the differences of SSK and K2tog. I’ve read about slant to right and slant to left when you do decreasing, however, it was not much important for me back then ( haha.. because I don’t know what it means and never want to bother) but now, I’ve seen the important part of this.

Slant to right when decreasing means the loops are going to right, and slant to left decreasing means the loops are going to left. This picture (which is taken from may help you to understand better 🙂

😀 easy to understand now!

Decrease: Knit 2 together/k2tog

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Hari ini,

Jum kita belajar macam mana hendak buat – decrease – (maksudnya kita mengurangkan stitches pada kaitan) yang dipanggil sebagai k2tog.

Jum tengok video kat bawah 🙂

Video credites to elsteffo.

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