Coming weekend project.. :)

Alhamdulillah.. yay.. today is Friday. And again I loooovveee Friday! xD Heee….

Alhamdulillah, my colleague love the cable tassel hat. And She requested another hat.. (wah.. i am happy because she trust me in this. This is her 4th order..) thank you kak xD for the latest request, she wanted me to crochet a kopiah..  this will be my first time to do kopiah.. let’s see how it will be 😛

But however, I need to put that aside first, because.. I have another pending request to make, which is, a sweater baby for my best colleague who is really kind to me 🙂 She lend me her camera so I can take better pictures of my projects.  As soon as I am done with it, I will turn the camera back to her with 10000xxxx million thank you 😀 Alhamdulillah..

So my next project will be this:

sooo cute kan.. bunny tu? hehehe…

And there came more requests.. and I will try my best to handle them one by one… Besides, I need to concentrate with work too.. so really need to manage my time wisely. Speaking of which, (jum cakap malay pula :P) pagi tadi, sebelum turun ke Pejabat..  I always like to open Oasis channel and watch the episodes of Pintu Taubat. Which, this morning episode, really caught my heart and mind. Episod ni cerita tentang berniaga. Cik A ini berniaga gerai makanan.. dan cik B juga berniaga gerai makanan.. kedai sebelah menyebelah..  sama-sama cari rezeki, sama-sama cuba tarik hati pelanggan.. however, the sad thing is.. the cik A is not running her gerai makan secara sihat.  She always try to eliminate  her pesaing in -a way- that we shouldn’t do, so poor cik B, finally she quit her business because of illness…

hmm tapi saya tidak sempat habiskan menonton cerita ni…… jadi tidak dapat saya buat konklusinya..

but, it did made me think .. like.. am I doing my best in my job at office? am I giving good service to customers? Will I be like Cik A or Cik B or… ?

Alhamdulillah.. selama lebih kurang 8 bulan Da’Knit telah menguruskan kedai benang kait,  I faced many kind of things that really helped me to grow better and learn the selok-belok of business, walaupun sangat kecil business ini.. tetapi ianya banyak membantu untuk saya melihat perkara-perkara yang saya tak pernah tahu sebelum ini. I am sure, everyone who also running an online business (yup.. we are talking about online business here) feels the same too. Semua masing-masing, Allah telahpun tetapkan rezekinya..  My employer always said to me, she believes in Allah’s rezeki.. no matter how you are in tight, or in luxury.. everyone has their own rezeki..  🙂

I also learnt new things  from people I know and met online, via email, via chats, kindly sharing things, being open and being honest about what they see and feel towards our tiny store and service.  I received many kinds of emails, asking me about anything that relates to knitting or crocheting, and I will try to answer as best as I can based on the small experiences I have. So whatever opinions, complaints we received, we do our best to fulfill what they need as long as it is still in our hand, insyaAllah.

This makes me think.. last time, there were two customers, who received their parcels late than the estimate date. So we keep emailing each other, keep updating each other how, and in the same time,  I keep contacting my supplier, and try to find the best solution that will satisfy all the parties. Alhamdulillah.. I am very happy to know that after a while, both parcels finally arrived safely. And really Da’Knit ucapkan terima kasih kepada pelanggan yang memahami dan bersabar tentang peristiwa lambat ini ya! Sangat menghargainya.. kerana tanpa anda, Da’Knit is nothing 🙂

This is why I always need to be informed  if you received your item my dear customers.. so we will know if they safely arrive to you.  And also, I am glad that everyone is always being kind to Da’Knit. No matter how fast and late they received their parcels, I am so happy to deal with all of you, who always being friendly to me.

However, late delivery happens very seldom. Oh ya.. sometimes, yang buat lambat shipping ni sebab kastam.. barangan yang datang dari luar negara, akan dikastam-kan dahulu dan proses ini mengambil masa juga.. lebih kurang 3-5 hari.. lepas tu, bila dah lepas.. then untuk pos ke alamat masing-masing.. ambil masa lagi.. 3-5 hari.. sebenarnya barang masuk Malaysia cuma ambil masa 3-7 hari .. dan sometimes shipping yang lebih lambat berlaku disebabkan pihak shipper guna ground (melalui darat)..(which takes 3 weeks to arrive to Malaysia :O )

Oh .. but, do not worry cause.. most of products offered here, they are all shipped via air mail 🙂 so insyaAllah.. it will not take that much long to arrive.. unless.. something happened because of Malaysia post service but not from ours, in case, if its happened because of us.. we will do our  best to fix them.

Ahhh.. I have to start my new sweater project.. Wish me luck ya 🙂

Thank you so much again for hopping by! And thank you so much for always stopping by at Da’Knit. InsyaAllah.. apa-apa yang menarik saya jumpa relates to knitting dan crochet, I will share them.

Da’Knit juga ingin mengambil kesempatan.. untuk mengucapkan terima kasih dari hati.. kepada semua pelanggan, pengunjung Da’Knit yang sentiasa mempercayai Da’Knit dalam urusan jual beli ini. Without you guys, Da’Knit will not be here today! Hehe.. feeling pula 😛

And because of this too.. I met many new friends, and even my customers are my friends too 🙂  so.. so please do not hesitate to email me if you have questions or inquiries, ya! We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible within 24 hours.


May Allah swt bless us all! Amin..